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Classic Terra Features

  • Terra satelliteTerra Fact Sheet

    This article provides an overview of the Terra mission.
  • Terra mission control roomLearning to Fly
    May 2000

    The launch and activation of Terra as seen through the eyes of mission control.
  • Map depicting net primary productionTerra Turns Five
    February 2005

    After five years in operation, Terra provides valuable scientific information about the cause and effects of environmental change.
  • Earth Observatory Earth Observatory 10th Anniversary
    April 2009

    The idea of the Earth Observatory was hatched in the late 1990s to distribute images and information from the Terra mission.
  • NASA's Earth Observing SatellitesPerspectives: Why EOS Matters
    September 2009

    These two opinion essays, written a decade apart, reflect on the value of the Terra mission and the Earth Observing System.