Image from TERRA
Wed, 10 Oct 2018 13:03 EDT

More than 400 miles above Earth, a satellite the size of a school bus is earning its frequent flyer miles. On Oct. 6, NASA’s Terra completed 100,000 orbits around Earth. Terra, which launched Dec. 18, 1999, is projected to continue operation into the 2020s.

Image from TERRA
Fri, 14 Sep 2018 01:33 EDT

NASA's MISR instrument captures Hurricane Florence just off the East Coast. Data from two of its nine cameras is combined to show the storm in 3D

Image from TERRA
Mon, 27 Aug 2018 16:33 EDT

For the first time ever, measurements from NASA Earth-observing research satellites are being used to help combat a potential outbreak of life-threatening cholera. Humanitarian teams in Yemen are targeting areas identified by a NASA-supported project that precisely forecasts high-risk regions based on environmental conditions observed from space.

Dr. Merritt Deeter

DeetercroppedlightenedUS MOPITT Principal Investigator

National Center for Atmospheric Research and
University of Colorado
Atmospheric Chemistry Division
Boulder CO 80301 USA
Phone: (303) 497-8063
Email: mnd at

In 2008, Deeter became the MOPITT project leader, where he has analyzed observations from a wide array of contemporary satellite instruments including MODIS, AIRS and AMSR-E. Deeter’s technical work on MOPITT primarily involves retrieval algorithm development and validation. His current goals for MOPITT retrieval algorithm development include: accounting for gradual long-term instrumental changes in the retrieval processing, thereby eliminating long-term ‘drift’ in the retrieval products, and fully exploiting MOPITT’s near-infrared channels as a path towards increasing the sensitivity of the retrieval products to CO in the boundary layer. He is the U.S. principal investigator for MOPITT, an instrument flying aboard NASA’s Terra spacecraft that measures the global distributions of carbon monoxide. By understanding the sources and behavior of carbon monoxide, scientists can also gain insights into a number of other pollutants. Deeter is a researcher in NCAR’s Atmospheric Chemistry Division.